Reviews opera

"La Traviata"
"J.D. has all the qualities that distinguish a great singer. Her voice is beautiful, firm, strong and flexible and under perfect control. She has personality and dramatic talent that hold a audience spellbound."
Svenska Dagbladetbr

"J.D. is a Prima Donna to her finger-tips, stunningly beautiful and just as fragile as one imagines Violetta. Her voice rang clear and pure with a steely ringing quality in the coloratura that was ravishing. We can only certify that this is real star material."
Aftonbladet, Stockholmbr

Her interpretation was characterised by a complete musical and dramatic performance, and what is more, finesse."
Romania Libera

"A brilliant actress with a remarkable knowledge of the art of singing and a profound culture."

Iole in Händel's "Jephtha"
"Jacqueline Delman as Iole showed an unusually well cultivated legato, which in her two slow arias in Act 1 left the audience breathlessly hanging on the music."
Financial Times

Cherubino in "The marriage of Figaro"
"Impulsive, refined, wiry, with the grace of Shakespeare’s comedies, Cherubino, who might be Rosalind, so full of fresh gaiety and playfulness, always ready to live and die for love. This was real puberty and her voice is clear, firm and fresh like her personality"
Le monde
"J.D. left an unforgettable impression"
Marc Pincherle in Nouvelles Litteraires

Händel's "Imeneo"
"J.D displayed a remarkable talent for sophisticated comedy."
The Times

Händel's "Orlando"
"J.D. gave a sensitive, romantic and very attractive interpretation of Angelica."
Andrew Porter in Financial Times

Corifea i "Prometeo" av Luigi Cortese”
"Jacqueline Delman was a Corifea of touching sweetness. Musical even in her movements, a vision of Grecian beauty."
Corriere Mercantile, Genoa


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